Fluor-BWXT Supports New Industrial Development with $17,500 donation

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Chillicothe, Ohio – Fluor-BWXT Supports New Ross County Industrial Development

Ross County, Ohio- Fluor-BWXT and economic partner the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio (JEDISCO) recently donated $17,500 to support sewer extension to a new industrial park in Ross County. The WRH Company, a locally-owned developer and commercial property manager, has purchased just over 80 acres of farm land near the Kenworth supply chain corridor with plans to build a new industrial park.

 “There is great opportunity for economic growth in our community, and Fluor- BWXT is excited to support this potential,” said JD Dowell, FBP Site Project Director. 

“Sewer extension is the first step of many to prepare this acreage for development,” said Tammy Eallonardo, Director of Economic Development for Ross County. “We hope to work with the developer to see the project through to completion.”

Significant economic investments like these are being made in the region through FBP’s partnership with JEDISO, with the goal to create and retain jobs for a sustainable and strong economy in Pike, Scioto, Ross, and Jackson counties.