Chillicothe: A unique mix of urban and rural lifestyle.

What you would expect…
As the county seat, Chillicothe is known as the commercial hub for southern Ohio, offering widely recognized restaurants, retail stores and vehicle dealerships in its commercial district. Located 50 minutes south of Columbus and 90 minutes east of Cincinnati, many commuters have chosen Chillicothe as their bedroom community.

What will surprise you…
The downtown district is in resurgence. New restaurants and shops are a trendy mix of late 1800’s architecture and modern aesthetics. The historic neighborhoods that surround the district offer walkability with access to amenities such as a downtown grocery, library and entertainment. Chillicothe residents enjoy a wide range of outdoor sports and a growing trail system. Mountain biking, road cycling, running, hiking and canoeing are all popular sports in this community that serves as the gateway to the Appalachian foothills.

You will find a place to call home that fits your lifestyle in Chillicothe.  Would you enjoy a house near the downtown district with tree-lined sidewalks?  How about something within walking distance of new schools? Maybe a vintage farmhouse just outside of town with sprawling acreage!  You can find it here. Rather rent? Options include private homes, townhouses, apartments and duplexes. Start the search for your new home today.

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