Ross County and JEDISO partners secure Fluor-BWXT $34,000 Grant for Ross County Business

Tammy EallonardoRecent News

Ross County, Ohio- Herr’s Foods, located on East 7 th Street in Chillicothe, recently enhanced their quality process with the help of a $34,000 grant from Fluor-BWXT (FBP) and the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio (JEDISO). 
The local Herr’s Foods goes through nearly 200,000 pounds of potatoes a week and provides 11 flavors of the popular potato chips to southern and central Ohio, as well as parts of West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
“Fluor-BWXT is dedicated to helping local companies find ways to expand their business and workforce, “said JD Dowell, FBP Site Project Director. “These grants allow local companies to find new ways to not only improve their day to day operations, but prepare for stronger futures in our community.”
With the grant, an optic sorter machine was purchased to assist with quality control – ensuring that potato chips that don’t meet Herr’s standards are pulled off the line before they are bagged, boxed and shipped to local stores.
“We consider Herr Foods to be a legacy employer,” said Tammy Eallonardo,
Director of Greater Chillicothe & Ross County Development. “We are always
excited to support a company that has contributed to our local economy for many years.  Chillicothe understands the importance of their continued success and promising future.”
Significant economic investments like these are being made in the region through FBP’s partnership with JEDISO, with the goal to create and retain jobs for a sustainable and strong economy in Pike, Scioto, Ross, and Jackson counties.

Pictured: Herr’s Foods Plant Manager Kevin McCorkle (left) and Fluor-BWXT’s Site Project Director JD Dowell (right)
Pictured: Herr’s employee’s box up bags of chips fresh off the line to send out to local stores.