$28,000 Presented to Locally-Owned Shredding Company

Tammy EallonardoRecent News

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth (FBP) recently provided financial assistance to a company striving to help other area businesses meet a specific administrative need. A total of $28,000 was provided to Southern Ohio Shredding (SOS) in Chillicothe, a locally-owned business providing secure document destruction. Employees answer the call for help by picking up loads of paper and shredding it in their secure location on Bridge Street in Chillicothe. Owner Ken Shelton said the funds will have an impact on operations and the expansion of their capabilities.

“We really appreciate this and will use every bit of it to expand the business locally,” he said. “Thank you for your generous gift to Southern Ohio Shredding… we are thrilled to have your support. Through your donation, we will be able to accomplish our goals of expansion and growth throughout the Southern Ohio area.”

Shelton said SOS plans to buy supplies and a metal shredder for destroying hard drives, mobile phones and laptops, further expanding a company he purchased when Chillicothe’s previous secure shredding company ceased operation. Shelton purchased their equipment, client list, and retained some of their employees. Currently, SOS has five part-time employees and approximately 200 customers from Hocking, Pickaway, Pike and Ross counties. 

“Staff Source saw an opportunity to diversify when we lost a secure shredder in this area,” said Tammy Eallonardo, Economic Development Director for Greater Chillicothe Ross County Development. “This donation is a win-win for SOS and the businesses of Ross County and the surrounding area, providing an economic development boost that benefits our people, our services, and the environment.” 

Once paper goes through the shredding process, it is bundled into bales for recycling. According to recordnations.com, the average business’ paper consumption grows by 22% per year and the average person in the US goes through more than 700 pounds of paper.