New warehouse coming to Ross County

Tiffany LemasterRecent News

Ross County, OH- Part of Fluor-BWXT’s(FBP) commitment to the community is supporting small businesses through economic development grants and creating partnerships to enhance programs and grow the four-county region. Recently FBP partnered with the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio(JEDISO) to provide a $50,000 grant to Nier River Road Development, LLC.

FBP and JEDISO presented a check to Jim Nier for $50,000 to assist in Phase 2 of his River Road warehouse development. The grant will allow the local developer to construct a 100,000 sf warehouse near the SR207/104 interchange.

“We appreciate FBP’s support in providing more jobs and better access to services,” said Jim Nier, owner. “This will help us provide the space they (Kenworth) need and bring more business to the area.”

“This is exactly why we provide these grants,” said FBP Community Commitment Chair, Tim Poe. “We want these businesses to continue to grow and create additional jobs in the four-county region. “

“The addition of 100,000 sf of warehouse space to Ross County helps address our critical need to accommodate growth’, Stated Tammy Eallonardo, Director of Greater Chillicothe and Ross County Development. “We receive many calls from industries that want to be in Ross County, but currently we lack inventory. We appreciate Mr. Nier’s willingness to invest in our community.”

As part of Fluor-BWXT’s community commitment, significant economic investments are being made in the region through FBP’s partnership with JEDISO. The goal is to create and retain jobs for a sustainable and strong economy in Jackson, Pike, Ross and Scioto counties. Since 2011, FBP has provided more than $5.5 million in economic grants- creating and retaining thousands of jobs in the four-county region.

Pictured: From left Daphne Mosley, JEDISO; Tiffany Lemaster, JEDISO; Greg Wicket, FBP; Tammy Eallonardo, JEDISO/GCRCD; Jim Nier, Nier River Rd Development; Tim Poe, FBP; Gary Arnett, JEDISO and Stephanie McLaughlin, FPB