Chillicothe Cinemas Announces Triumphant Return After Covid Closure

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Chillicothe Cinemas Reopening

It was announced today that the 10-screen Chillicothe Cinemas, also known as Danbarry Cinemas, located at 119 Pawnee Road in Chillicothe, Ohio, will be reopening soon. The theater, a victim to the Covid pandemic, was closed in March of 2020. It is now being reopened under new management. 

At this time, renovations are being made to clean-up the theater from its dormant state to a new and refreshing condition. New will be both projection and sound. The theater will utilize new laser projection that will be “state of the art…first of its kind” in Southeastern Ohio. The sound will be replaced with Dolby processors and speakers implementing technology that renders a high-quality surround sound experience.

The management, engaged in the repair and fix-up, is excited about the reopening. They are working hard to bring to life this wonderful community asset. Interviews for various full and part-time positions are taking place over the next few weeks. Management will work with Tri State Theatre Services to bring great “first run” selections for viewing from studios such as Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Releasing, Warner Bros. Studios, Universal Pictures, MGM, Lionsgate, and many others.  As has been offered previously, parties and private rentals will be accommodated.

In addition to the projection and sound upgrades, management will be renovating the concession area and auditoriums in order to provide a clean and comfortable BIG SCREEN experience.  

An actual opening date will be announced as soon as management can receive and install the new projection and sound equipment, but a push for an October opening is being made.  Progress will also be updated on social media: @DanbarryCinemasChillicothe on Facebook and @danbarrychillicothe on Instagram.  

Moviegoers…get ready – THE BIG SCREEN IS BACK!!