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Local Fiber Optic Network Expands Thanks To Chillicothe Business, Horizon Telecom Inc.

Tammy EallonardoRecent News

CHILLICOTHE, OH – June 9, 2021 – Horizon, an Ohio-based regional fiber broadband company, has announced
plans to continue upgrading and expanding its fiber optic services to businesses and homes in Chillicothe.
For 125 years, Horizon has been building communities and networks, helping people do what they do, even
better. Horizon is committed to Chillicothe and Ross County, and this plan will bring Gigabit Internet to an
additional 1800 customers. Overbuilding our existing infrastructure with a cutting-edge telecommunications
network will meet the ever-increasing internet demands of today and into the future. Connections mean more
now than ever, and this advanced technology will allow you to learn, work, and connect better for years to

“Horizon is very excited about this initiative to expand our fiber optic infrastructure to more of our
customers,” said Jim Capuano, Chief Executive Officer of Horizon. “It is fair to say that the year 2020 changed
the way we look at the world we live in and how we learn and work. With so many of us suddenly working
and learning from home, the conversation quickly shifted from the quantity of bandwidth a user has to the
quality of bandwidth. Horizon is working diligently to improve both these attributes by making large
investments to upgrade our infrastructure. Higher quality is achieved by providing dedicated connections
from the user to the Internet core and quantity is driven by the use of fiber optics throughout the network.”

Fiber has been an integral part of Horizon’s infrastructure for years. This expansion will bring customers direct
access to that fiber and all of its advantages. This new network will be faster, more reliable, provide lower
latency, and enable synchronous capabilities, than any other network in the area. This network is designed to
decrease the broadband divide in our area, allowing our residents greater opportunities while making Chillicothe
and Ross County competitive and attractive to potential residents and businesses.

“Broadband access has been a key issue for Southern and Southeastern Ohio for years as we work to be
competitive in a global marketplace, commented Luke Feeney, Mayor of Chillicothe.” “The pandemic has
magnified the importance of that need and really brought to light the essential role that broadband access
plays in educational access across the region. This expansion is a great step in the right direction for the City
and the region.”

“High-speed connectivity is an incredible equalizer”, says Tammy Eallonardo, Director of Greater Chillicothe &
Ross County Development. “Access to a strong fiber network will allow us to compete with larger cities in site
selection and business development. We are fortunate to have a fiber partner in our own backyard.”

Construction is underway, and services will be available to the residence of the Story Place neighborhood on
Chillicothe’s west side, July 2021. Horizon will be upgrading all existing customers to the new fiber packages and
speeds and installing to new residents and businesses in this neighborhood. To sign up visit horioznconnects.com/Chillicothe or call 740-772-8331
Horizon will continue to expand its fiber network throughout Ross County and will soon be turning up services in
Circleville Ohio; continuing to build on our mission to deliver fast reliable broadband service to the region.

With corporate offices in Chillicothe Ohio, Horizon is a leading provider of advanced services in Southern and Eastern Ohio. Utilizing its extensive network of fiber optic cable, Horizon delivers advanced high speed data services, Internet, voice, digital video, security services. Horizon’s entrepreneurial heritage and long-standing commitment to remarkable customer care ensures its devotion to connecting its customers to their worlds through the delivery of cutting-edge technology. For more information about Horizon’s brand promise, visit HorizonConnects.com

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